Last match of the season.

This past weekend was the last match of the season “national championship”.

I managed to land the second place in my class despite a low score.

On practices leading up to the last match I had been shooting a decent score 589, give or take 2 points. But on Friday, 2 days before, I somehow managed to get right into my correct position without even thinking too much about it and shot 596.2, which is 0.8 from the next class.


I was very optimistic about the match coming on Sunday, and after 10 minutes of sight in time I was on target with my shots and was hopeful that I would shoot a decent match.

Match started and I started off great with my first shot a 10.9, and after 5 shots I had 52.6 and 4 inner tens, and then I shot a dreadful 8.2, but managed to recover and shot 10.8, 10.0, 10.0 and 10.2 ending up at 101.8.


My next series was 98.9, I could feel the stress building up and I could see my pulse getting more and more with the movement of my barrel, next one was 96.9, at that point my arm was numb so I decided to stand up and get the blood flowing back into my hand and get back into a good position.┬áThen disaster struck, and my nerves got the better of me and I began to start shooting bad groups and loosing too many shots into the low 9 and 8’s, 94.2 and 94.4, with no inner tens, and only 4 tens in total of those two series.

I knew I had to do something to get myself somehow into the game again, stood up, at this point I had just under 20 minutes left with 10 shots left. Tried to clear my head and calm my nerves. For the last 10 shots I managed to shoot a 98.1 with 4 inner tens but still shot two 8’s in that series. Not bad but far away from good, and too little too late, and even though it was low it, as mentioned before, still landed me the seconds place in class 2.


With the official season over, many things have come clear and the great support and advice from other shooters have surely made this a fun season. With the summer around the corner and new sights already on their way, one can only hope that next season will start off the same or better than this one ended.