New personal record (PR)

Today was the first match of the year and first match with my new stock. Over the past weeks I’ve only been able to get a live fire practice about 3 times, including a match practice the day before.

In the last match before changing the stock I managed to shoot a new PR of 599.2, it gave me some worries that with a new stock I’d have to really learn how to shoot again, and over the 3 practices and some dry fire ones I seemed to have managed to adjust the stock to my liking.

I adjusted the sight cant, I adjusted the trigger position, I adjusted the trigger shoe angle, I adjusted the cheek piece and buttplate, my posture among other things.

All the small adjustments seemed to have made a good impact, as I shoot a new PR today with a score of 604.7, improving my old PR by 5.5 points, which landed me in 4th place overall.


Slow start, new class.

Season has finally started, and with already three matches down. Missed the first but managed to compete in the other two.

Managed to shoot a “terrible” 584.8 due to my own mistakes and lack of practice. I made the decision not to let that happen again so I decided to try to do more on my technique.

This clearly payed off as I shot a new PR the week before and when I showed up for last practice before the match, shot a single round of 102.3 with an ugly drop on my last shot that landed in 9.4.

597.5 new PR

597.5 new PR



I shot a good 599.2 a new personal record which earned me a 6th overall and I managed to advance into first class. Bad news is that the next class is at 615 (MQS).