Gear upgrades

I had initially bought my rifle in September 2014 and with no knowledge or experience about the 50m prone shooting discipline I bought a very basic handstop and settled for the sights it came with.


This handstop has a very low profile, which for some might be good but for me, it was killing my hand everytime I was shooting, which would not help my score in the long run. After discussing and trying other handstops from other shooters I decided that I should get myself a new handstop, the Centra/MEC handstop was the one I decided on after trying it on a 1913/1918L and reading reviews about it. I could not find anyone that had anything bad to say about it.

I’ve already shot with it at practices a few times now and I must say that my supporting hand/palm is not as tired as it used to be.

Other equipment

I had been debating with myself about replacing the wood stock I have with an anschutz 1918L, MEC Mark1 or even the Tesro evolution 20, but after a good discussion I decided to wait and focus rather on getting new and much improved sights. so on order is a complete rear and front sights from Centra. Centra Spy, Centra Iris, Centra duplex, Centra duo-vario and Centra riser-block. Unfortunately those will not arrive in time for the last indoor match of the season.

That will just give me a chance to train in the off season with them and learn how to use them so I can come through on my New Year resolution, which is 605