Tricked into shooting Air Pistol 60

Over the past year I had been thinking about venturing into AP60 but somehow never got around to it. However since I don’t own a gun for it I haven’t been shooting it, but I got tricked into the Kopavogs Open with a club gun, Walther LP400.

I have in the past shot an air pistol, but I have never shot it for real just goofing around. I showed up for my first practice 2 days before the open, but missed the match practice.

First practice

First practice 413

Day of the match I was fairly relaxed as there wasn’t any pressure on me. No expectation, nothing.Two days before the Open, I had a look at the classifications and noted that I would only, yes I say “only”, have to shoot each round with 80 or over. Shot the first series with 85, second with 82 and third with 80, having me with a +7 point lead on my goal (480 total).


In my 4th series I shot a devastating 77, at that point I though to myself “I’m still up 4 points, focus and do this”, which I then did, managed to shoot 85 in my 5th series and finishing with 82 in the 6th, with a total of 491, +11 point above the 480 that I had wanted, so I was very happy with my first ever AP60 match.

491 total

491 total