Second match

With just a small amount of practice and tips from local guys, including the current record holder I was able to go from 517.3 to 559 within a month. Still have a lot of ways to go.

First thing they helped me with was correct sling placement and propper body placement, including how to have the support arm.

After second match

After the my second match I searched and searched online for various information regarding advises on stance, breathing techniques, shot placement and equipment upgrades.

A good source I found was they show in details the ideal prone position, breathing, aiming and trigger control.

Equipment change

After searching for upgrades, the most common upgrades I found were a bubble level for the front sight in order to keep the same tilt all the time, and a bloop tube to extend the sight radius.

Decided to bite the bullet, so to speak, and ordered both from Champion’s Choice.

Third match

With practices leading up to my third match I was shooting anywhere between 562 and 580. Class upgrade from 0 and into class 3 is 565 so I was semi hopeful that I might be able to qualify into class 3.


Imagine my surprise when the match was over and I had scored a 589.2 and thus qualified up to class 3. 589.2 would have actually qualified me for class 2, too bad you can only upgrade one class at a time.


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