Getting into 50m prone free rifle

About a year ago I started thinking about looking at getting a left handed rifle in order to start competing in 50m prone. Last summer I found a left handed Anschutz 1807 in Denmark.


Picked up the rifle, which was in fairly good condition, and while on my way to the airport in Billund I stopped by at and picked up an Anschutz shooting jacket, basic handstop and a left handed sling.

Showed up for my first competition in October without even having tried it in 50m prone.

Placed last with a score of 517.3 Not bad, given the fact I had not shot it in prone before and my equipment was not even remotely setup correctly. Over the next couple of months and with help from people in my shooting club giving me tips I’ve managed to shoot up two classes and I am now shooting pretty steady around 590.

Mistakes made in the beginning

First thing I did wrong was I had my sling way too low on my arm and way to loose, which meant that instead of having the sling do it’s job I was holding the rifle up with my supporting arm. which caused all of my shot to land high right.

Second, I had my cheek piece too low, so instead of resting my cheek on the cheek piece I was actually propping my head too much up from the stock.

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