New personal record (PR)

Today was the first match of the year and first match with my new stock. Over the past weeks I’ve only been able to get a live fire practice about 3 times, including a match practice the day before.

In the last match before changing the stock I managed to shoot a new PR of 599.2, it gave me some worries that with a new stock I’d have to really learn how to shoot again, and over the 3 practices and some dry fire ones I seemed to have managed to adjust the stock to my liking.

I adjusted the sight cant, I adjusted the trigger position, I adjusted the trigger shoe angle, I adjusted the cheek piece and buttplate, my posture among other things.

All the small adjustments seemed to have made a good impact, as I shoot a new PR today with a score of 604.7, improving my old PR by 5.5 points, which landed me in 4th place overall.


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