Final match of the season

I know I had already stated the last match had been held, but one outdoor match was held as the last match. It was a part of the national series but was also a warmup match for the GSSE 2015 which will be held in Iceland now in June.

Range setup was very nice.


This was the first time using my new sights and I hadn’t even sighted them in properly when I showed up that morning. The night before there was a very short pre-match training, cut short due to contractors being ahead of schedule (that’s something new) and had to work on the range, but in the short pre-match training I managed to get the sights on target and used the sighting time to get them honed in.

We had a mild wind coming in from the north/north-east. It was shifting abit but nothing to worry about, or so I thought.

First series I shot 101.8, followed by 95.4, 101, 100.1 and 97.0 it was before my last series that I did not note the subtle change in wind. First shot landed high in the low 8, and due to my inexperience I didn’t blame the wind but blamed myself and it wasn’t until after 3 or 4 shots (landing high 8’s and low 9’s) I decided to adjust the sights, but I clicked them in too late and since I wasn’t used to them I clicked them too little to begin with. Last series ended in a dreadful 90.8, giving me a total of 586.1, still class 2 but barely. Total of 18 inner ten’s and only 1* in the last series.

1st Gudmundur Helgi 2nd Valur Richter 3rd Ivar Mar Valsson

1st Gudmundur Helgi
2nd Valur Richter
3rd Ivar Mar Valsson

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