New classification

I would miss my fifth match due to prior obligations the same weekend, but that would just give me more time in order to practice and try to up my game.

Sixth match

Over the course from Jan 31st (4th) and until March 21st I managed to improve my shooting and started to maintain a steady score right around 590, and managed to up my personal best twice in that period, once with a 589.4, 0.2 point increase over my 589.2 I shot in December (3rd match) next was a 591.4

And on my last practice before the 6th match I shot a 588.5, so at that point I was rather happy with how my shooting was progressing and becoming more and more steady.


My match score was 589.4, with 10 inner-tens, which qualified me up to class 2, class 1 is still ways away at 597.


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