Mistakes were made

After being extremely satisfied about qualifying up to class 3 I tried to see what I could do to adjust my shooting in order to tighten up my groups. Changed my stance, adjusted my angle among other things.

Most of my practices were shooting in and around 575, not close to the 589.2 I shot just 4 weeks before.

jan-prac-2 jan-prac-1


Fourth match

With my fourth match coming up last weekend of January I was fairly confident I’d shoot at a decent level, having had about 5 weeks to practice, but to my demise I shot a devastating 568.6


I truly wasn’t happy with this score, even though it was within my class, I still felt it was worse than I should have been able to shoot. so I decided to try and analyze what had gone wrong. Even though I had a hold on 10 and tried to be consistent with my shot release, something was happening. Only after searching online I found something that made sense when I thought about it in hindsight.



Given the fact I’m a lefty, “low right” would be correct for me, and as I mentioned in hindsight I do remember pushing the stock, ie. driving the stock forward and down.

This was fortunately a good learning point for me and I have been able to not do it since.

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