Final match of the season

I know I had already stated the last match had been held, but one outdoor match was held as the last match. It was a part of the national series but was also a warmup match for the GSSE 2015 which will be held in Iceland now in June.

Range setup was very nice.


This was the first time using my new sights and I hadn’t even sighted them in properly when I showed up that morning. The night before there was a very short pre-match training, cut short due to contractors being ahead of schedule (that’s something new) and had to work on the range, but in the short pre-match training I managed to get the sights on target and used the sighting time to get them honed in.

We had a mild wind coming in from the north/north-east. It was shifting abit but nothing to worry about, or so I thought.

First series I shot 101.8, followed by 95.4, 101, 100.1 and 97.0 it was before my last series that I did not note the subtle change in wind. First shot landed high in the low 8, and due to my inexperience I didn’t blame the wind but blamed myself and it wasn’t until after 3 or 4 shots (landing high 8’s and low 9’s) I decided to adjust the sights, but I clicked them in too late and since I wasn’t used to them I clicked them too little to begin with. Last series ended in a dreadful 90.8, giving me a total of 586.1, still class 2 but barely. Total of 18 inner ten’s and only 1* in the last series.

1st Gudmundur Helgi 2nd Valur Richter 3rd Ivar Mar Valsson

1st Gudmundur Helgi
2nd Valur Richter
3rd Ivar Mar Valsson

New sights

This past week my new sights arrived.


My initial impression of everything was good, it wasn’t until I actually mounted them is when I noticed a problem.

When I mount the sight directly to the receiver it mounts ok and doesn’t move, but when I mount it to the Centra Block8 it is loose, even with the mount on the sight tighten all the way down.

Already contacted the store, need to send them the Block8 back hope to get this fixed fast. So I haven’t been able to test the sights as of yet.